AESS Fell Prize for Musical Theatre Competition 2017

The AESS Fell Prize for Musical Theatre 2017 took place at the Sylvia Young Theatre School on Sunday, May 14th.

Ten finalists were scheduled to perform themed eight minute programmes of their own devising which had to include speech and song.

The distinguished judges were the musical theatre singer/actress Ria Jones and stage director Dominic Shaw.

They expressed their appreciation of all the performances, mentioning details of some of the performances which had particularly impressed them.

They laid great emphasis on the need for the clear expression of text in both song and speech.

Their joint decision was to award the prize of £1,000 to Jessica Aubrey of the Royal Academy of Music Musical Theatre Post Graduate Course.

Jessica had performed So long by Che Walker, Stone cold by Demi Lovato and With him by Joey Contreras. The judges asked her to reprise her performance by way of an encore.

Members of the Toni V Fell Trust were on hand to present the cheque to Jessica and the AESS is proud of the continued association with the Fell Trust for this competition.

The AESS is grateful to the judges and also to the pianist Tamara Saringer who accompanied all the performers.

Thanks also to the co-ordinators, Jean Hornbuckle and Jane Roberson for the smooth running of the competition.
Dominic Shaw, Jessica Aubrey, Ria Jones

Judges and entrants

The enthusiastic audience