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AESS AGM and Dinner 2019

The AESS AGM and Dinner took place at the Royal Over-Seas League on Sunday, April 14th The AGM was well attended. Members heard reports from the chairman, membership secretary and treasurer. The chairman’s speech, the accounts and Trustees’ Report will be uploaded to the AESS website in due course under ‘Past Events’. Forty-one people attended the dinner. Rosamund Shelley and Gavin Roberts presented a vivid, amusing and moving recital on the subject of war from various standpoints and periods. It was enthusiastically received by the audience. Hon. President, Michael Chance CBE, was the guest speaker and addressed his attention to the aspects of expression which might often be overlooked, namely exhalations which convey mood and are an emotional, non-verbal precursor to text.   

Gavin Roberts and Rosamund Shelley
Michael Chance CBE and Chairman, Sarah Leonard