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The Music of Betty Roe – 27th September 2008

A packed hall thoroughly enjoyed the tribute to the work of Betty Roe organised by the AESS and the West London branch of the ISM. Betty presided from the piano, and the evening was introduced by her collaborator, Marian Lines. Their joint work was highlighted in a selection of songs from the many shows that they produced together and by the ‘Circe Beguiled’ Scena, sung by Patricia Williams and William Leigh Knight, accompanied by Steve Foley on guitar. Michael Pilkington also accompanied many singers and was himself regaled by a rendition, in many parts, of ‘Happy Birthday’, in celebration of his imminent 80th anniversary. The evening had a strong sense of family, with Betty’s grandson, Daniel Beer, playing the horn and her daughter Soo, singing. Other instrumentalists who accompanied the singers were James Wyld (flute), Sally Brooke-Pike (violin) and Chris Gascoine (‘cello). The songs, which showed a great love of diverse poetry and were most varied in style, showing Betty’s versatility, were performed by, ( as well as those already mentioned), Frances Denny Scott and many members of the AESS, Marie Hayward Segal, Sarah Leonard, Stephen Miles, Graham Trew and Stephen Varcoe and the many singers and actors in the audience joined in a rousing music hall finale.